cubes-529831_640Using Social Media at Events

The New Year is here and many of us are planning our networking calendar and what events we would like to attend.

Social Media gives us the chance to extend our reach at a networking event and engage our audience too.

Being social at an event is a great way to:

  • Show you as a leader in your fields
  • Connect with new contacts and their network
  • Show your clients and prospective clients you practice what you preach.
  • Learn and grow from the tips shared by others too.

By using the power of Social Media we can all grow our networks at events even with people who are unable to make it. Social Media and the power of a hashtag means events can go virtual and viral too.

By being social together while networking at events we all share the news with our networks allowing us to connect and grow virtually.

Tips for using Social Media at an Event:

  • Follow the event organiser and if possible ask what channels they will be using on the day.
  • Network and share your social media details you are connecting with and remember to Connect! Connect! Connect!
  • When listening to speakers tweet or share key messages from their presentation, and remember tag them.
  • Check-in to the event if it is on Facebook or similar to show you have arrived.
  • Follow and connect with people you meet and tag them in photos etc. you share of them. (This can be done after the event)
  • Share images via Instagram to Twitter and Facebook using the hash tag/s for the event
  • Re Tweet and share what others are sharing with your network and show your social side.
  • Follow those who are being social too, it is often hard to meet everyone in person.



BIO: Linda Reed - Enever
Linda Reed – Enever: With her enthusiasm for new experiences and love of finding new things Linda was destined to grow to be either a professional Geo-Cacher, or become the inspiring leader in Communications that she is today. PR and Marketing was a career that found Linda because it is the place she is meant to be. Linda leads the teams at Media Connections and ThoughtSpot PR and is the Author of Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips and the PR Media and Marketing Companion.

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