The Perfect Elevator Pitch 

Knowing What to Say to Attract Your Ideal Clients

We’ve all been there. You are at a networking group, a cocktail party, your dentist’s office and someone asks you “So, what do you do?” and you freeze. Paralysis sets in your mouth goes dry and you can barely squeak out your name. Of course you know what you do but sharing that with a complete stranger in 30 seconds or less seems nearly impossible, but it doesn’t have to.

Watch the video below and learn:

· Learn the simple recipe to create a powerful and effective Elevator Pitch.

· Know how to become a magnet for your Ideal Clients (and anyone who knows them).

· Discover tricks to help you feel more at ease in public

· Feel prepared for the next time someone asks you what you do

Jennifer Martin shares a simple strategy that anyone can use to confidently explain clearly who you work with and what you do. Her fun and lighthearted approach can help

Presenter Bio:

Jennifer Martin left an 11 year position with Clear Channel Communications to start her own consulting business in 1999.  Since then she has owned 5 businesses, worked for EMyth as a Business Coach, and through her own ventures, coached hundreds of business owners around the world.

The Founder of Zest Business Consulting, Jennifer offers Group Programs, Webinars, Conscious Business Owner Camp Retreats, and Private Coaching all created to help her clients achieve financial freedom without sacrificing their lives in the process.

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